Woke schools save money by finding other (politically correct) ‘Lees’ to name themselves for

Woke schools save money by finding other (politically correct) ‘Lees’ to name themselves for
OKC Public Schools via WSJ

[Ed. – Why have to redo all those expensive signs and such?  Of course, saving money for the taxpayer does militate against sticking it to The Man, which is often the real agenda.]

The North East Independent School District in Texas was facing pressure to change the name of Robert E. Lee High School …

So they decided to rebrand the school Legacy of Educational Excellence, and use LEE High School as its nickname, starting last school year. The move, which included keeping the school’s gray and red colors, saved about $1 million.


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Oklahoma City Public Schools wasn’t sure whether its Lee Elementary was even named for Robert E. Lee, because the school never carried the full name. But after the 2017 discovery of board minutes from the early 1900s that listed a portrait of Robert E. Lee as a gift to the school, officials figured the school must be named for the Confederate general. It changed the name to Adelaide Lee, after an Oklahoma philanthropist, in 2018.

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