Oregon cap-and-trade bill includes ’emergency’ rider preventing overturn by voter referendum

Oregon cap-and-trade bill includes ’emergency’ rider preventing overturn by voter referendum
Oregonians converge on the state capitol in Salem to protest cap-and-trade legislation Democrats are poised to turn into law. KOIN 6 Portland video

[Ed. – Oh.  The bill Republicans have fled the state to avert a legislative vote on.  Mark well, grasshoppers: this is what Democrats do when they get both houses of a legislature and the governorship.]

“Just about every bill that’s been put forward has had an emergency clause attached to it which is supposed to be used — imagine this — in an emergency,” added Currier. “What the effect of that is, it denies the people having a vote on it because it prevents a referral to the voters. By putting that emergency clause on there, they’re essentially preventing the voters from voting on issues that they don’t want the voters to overturn.”

Currier continued, “We’ve had such massive state-wide protests and pushback against cap and trade here in Oregon … at town halls that the Democrats tried to sell out in the rural areas.” Rural areas, he stated, “are most negatively affected by this cap and trade because it puts the burden on them … in terms of fuel costs that aren’t borne by the urban areas, supposedly to achieve some sort of environmental benefit.”

“It’s really a ponzi scheme — government-sponsored — that installs an energy czar, if you will, in Oregon, who has almost unregulated authority to regulate businesses,” determined Currier.

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