ICE quarantines more than 5,000 migrants due to mumps, chicken pox exposure

ICE quarantines more than 5,000 migrants due to mumps, chicken pox exposure
Detainees in 'cages' (Image: Department of Homeland Security)

[Ed. – What border crisis?]

More than 5,000 migrants detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been placed in quarantine after being exposed to mumps or chicken pox, the agency said Friday.

The agency said that there have been recorded cases of either mumps or chicken pox in 39 immigrant detention centers — a rise in recent months, according to ICE.

“The preponderance of evidence points to the major influx at our Southwest border being, at minimum, a significant contributing factor of these occurrences,” Nathalie Asher, executive associate director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations, said in a statement.

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A total of 5,200 detainees have been quarantined, including 4,200 are for exposure to mumps and 800 who were exposed to chicken pox and 100 have been exposed to both, the agency said.

Customs and Border Protection have reported a surge of migrants at the border as a “full-blown emergency” caused 60,000 children to enter DHS custody in just the last 40 days.

The individuals are quarantined do not necessarily have the mumps, but they’ve at least been exposed to it.

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