Yale psychiatrist diagnoses Trump using Mueller report, warns of ‘national and global emergency’

Yale psychiatrist diagnoses Trump using Mueller report, warns of ‘national and global emergency’
Bandy X. Lee: The X is for X-Lax (Image: Yale University)

[Ed. – She’s back – with a clinical diagnosis made on the basis of a summary of findings that doesn’t meet any known legal standard – for any purpose. Boldface original; indicates a question in the interview.]

You and your colleagues have done something that is likely unprecedented in American history. You convened a panel of the world’s leading mental health experts to evaluate the president, based on the findings of a special prosecutor’s report. What were the conclusions?

We assembled a group of renowned mental health experts as quickly as possible. We combed through the Mueller report and treated it like the information that we generally have when a court orders us to do a mental capacity evaluation of a person who has shown a lack of mental capacity.


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[W]e wanted to give the president enough of an opportunity to submit to a personal examination. If Trump believes himself fit to be president, we believe he should submit to an examination. We have information that Donald Trump received our request but he did not respond affirmatively. We then issued our conclusion after the three-week period. Our conclusion was damning. The president failed to meet all four criteria that we outlined as the standard, most basic criteria for mental capacity.

The first specific criterion is the ability to take in important information and advice.

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