Dems, Left leery of sudden interest from Koch brothers; ‘prevent future AOCs’

Dems, Left leery of sudden interest from Koch brothers; ‘prevent future AOCs’
Charles and David Koch. MSNBC video

[Ed. – Darby’s not wrong here, on balance. The Koch brothers have had significant overlap with the Old Consensus GOP, but they’re not a good fit with the Trump agenda. Likewise, they share some important goals in common with the legacy Democrats.  I’m not sure the Kochs can turn that one around though. The Democrats look like they’re gone.]

In a memo obtained by CNBC, Emily Seidel, CEO of the Koch-affiliated political-action committee Americans for Prosperity, announced that the organization would be backing incumbent Democrats against progressive primary challenges in the upcoming congressional primaries. The memo laid out AFP’s new objectives, including:

Support the primary election of lawmakers, regardless of political party, who stick their necks out to lead diverse policy coalitions. The threat of being primaried prevents policymakers from leading on difficult issues and driving principled policy reforms. AFP or AFP Action will be ready to engage contested U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and state-level primary races, including Republican, Democrat, Independent or otherwise, to support sitting legislators who lead by uniting with others to pass principled policy and get good things done.


By bankrolling incumbents, they can potentially shut out future progressive upstarts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, both of whom beat long-sitting congressmen in 2018.

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