What California sees as a problem: Counties that don’t offer ‘safe parking’ lots for homeless

What California sees as a problem: Counties that don’t offer ‘safe parking’ lots for homeless
Safe parking lot for homeless. Vice News video, YouTube

[Ed. – Another unfunded mandate for California local governments.  So many of these people lost their full-time jobs in the Obama years, and because of California’s business-hostile environment have never been able to regain their footing as solvent rent- or mortgage-payers.]

California’s housing crisis is leading to more people sleeping in their cars and now the state may require its biggest cities and counties to provide a safe parking lot, including access to bathrooms, to those with no place to stay.

Assembly Bill 891 passed the full Assembly Friday and now goes to the Senate.

It would require cities and counties with more than 330,000 people to establish a safe parking program by June 1, 2022. The safe parking programs would be required to have a bathroom facility and onsite security. Those wishing to use the safe parking would need to apply and possibly undergo a background check.

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The original draft of the bill required all 58 counties in California to participate. The amended version only requires counties with a population higher than 330,000.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are 22 counties meeting that threshold…

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