SCOTUS needs to stop state persecution of thrice-sued Colorado baker

SCOTUS needs to stop state persecution of thrice-sued Colorado baker
Jack Phillips (Image: Alliance Defending Freedom YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Jack Phillips has been sued for a third time, by a transgender attorney who has also been the lawyer for the “church” of Satan in yet another suit against Phillips.  The Colorado Civil Rights Commission has made this inevitable by basically acting as the agent of vindictive “activists.” Such government commissions will always become the agents of vengeful “activism,” which is why we shouldn’t have them in the first place.]

Courts won’t put to rest the cultural debate over social issues, but it’s worth noting that it wasn’t howling protesters but the state-empowered Colorado Civil Rights Commission that attempted to destroy Phillips’s business when he refused to design a specialty cake for David Mullins and Charlie Craig’s gay wedding ceremony in 2012—before gay marriage was even legalized in Colorado or recognized by federal courts. …

After years of fiscal and personal struggles, Phillips finally prevailed, but only because of a narrow Supreme Court decision that found commissioners hadn’t displayed religious neutrality and exhibited “a clear and impermissible hostility toward [his] sincere religious beliefs” when pursuing Phillips. …

[W]hile courts might not be able to stop [the] corrosion of liberalism, they can stop the state-sponsored attacks on individuals. At least for now.

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