Yes, Obama’s economic policies really were that bad

Yes, Obama’s economic policies really were that bad

[Ed. – What’s that? ‘Middle out” economics doesn’t work?]

Economic and regulatory policies play out in the economy in the market in two ways.

First, they are anticipated. That’s why the market tanked 16 percent in the 4 months after Obama was elected and rose 12 percent after Trump — and kept rising.  Americans knew Obama’s policies would be bad, and Trump’s would be good.

Once implemented, policies begin to work.

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Depending on their aggressiveness, and both Obama’s and Trump’s were, the effects would be seen after about a year, and certainly after two.

Economically-illiterate Democrats love to believe that any economic success that President Trump’s administration has enjoyed is simply due to the brilliant stewardship of the economy under Obama.  Trump is just riding his coattails!

This is not only risible. It defies the fundamentals of economics and logic.

Were that true, then Trump’s policies would be the same as Obama’s. He would have continued them.

They aren’t. They are the opposite.

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