5 of Michael Wolff’s craziest anti-Trump conspiracies

5 of Michael Wolff’s craziest anti-Trump conspiracies
Michael Wolff (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Crazy is as crazy says.]

1. The Kushner-Ivanka Presidency Pact

Wolff alleges Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have an agreement that, should the opportunity arise, she’d run for president instead of him, despite her apparent purposeful distance from politics before her father’s campaign.

2. Nikki Haley Is Having an Affair with Donald Trump

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Aside from the president himself, Nikki Haley is probably Wolff’s most defamed figure. He describes the former United States ambassador to the United Nations as being as “ambitious as Lucifer,” gaining favor through her position as a moderate Republican aligning with Kushner and Ivanka Trump. …

3. Donald Trump Doesn’t Know Who John Boehner Is

Wolff tells a charming anecdote of the late Roger Ailes suggesting former Speaker of the House John Boehner as an option for chief of staff, to which Trump purportedly replied, “Who’s that?” Imagine: the president doesn’t have the faintest idea about a man he spent years complaining about, as evidenced by interviews and statements to the press long before Trump even ran for president.

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