Three education theorists: Dodgeball is ‘an unethical tool of oppression’

Three education theorists: Dodgeball is ‘an unethical tool of oppression’

[Ed. – Unless the ball is used to target white students.]

The left’s most recent addition to the list of things they find oppressive is: dodgeball.

Yes, the game you played in gym class when you were twelve.

The National Post released an article earlier today by Joseph Brean explaining how “dodgeball isn’t just an unethical tool, it’s a form of oppression.”

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This week, three education theorists will present the premise that dodgeball is “miseducative” and teaches athletic privilege to the Canadian Society for the Study of Education at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Vancouver, Canada.

The presentation argues that physical education is supposed to empower children via ‘democratic practices’, and dodgeball’s underlying message of athletic hierarchy and reinforcement of oppression undermines this.

Although dodgeball is the focus of the left for the time being, Brean points out fault in many childhood games, proving them to be similarly problematic. He describes capture the flag as ‘militaristic’ and says tag “singles out one poor participant, often the slowest child, as the dehumanized ‘It,’ who runs vainly in pursuit of the quicker ones.”

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