N.J. public school district to students: ‘May Allah continue to shower you love and wisdom’

N.J. public school district to students: ‘May Allah continue to shower you love and wisdom’
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[Ed. – Apparently, the ‘separation’ clause, which doesn’t exist in the Constitution but which Democrats still swear by, doesn’t apply to mosques in the public square.]

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) sent a “cease and desist” letter moments ago to West New York School District’s superintendent, demanding that two district-sponsored Ramadan posters in Memorial High School be taken down.

One poster offers “Warm greetings from Memorial High school” and wishes students to “Have a blessed Ramadan.” The poster then beseeches that “MAY ALLAH CONTINUE TO SHOWER YOU LOVE AND WISDOM.”

FCDF sent the letter to Superintendent Ms. Clara Brito Herrera and Scott Wolhrab, Memorial High’s principal, after an anonymous teacher contacted FCDF on behalf of other teachers, all of whom are deeply concerned about the school district’s promotion of Islam. Although the facts are still developing, school administrators are aware of the teachers’ concerns about the posters yet are deliberately keeping them up (Poster 1 and Poster 2).

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The teachers are also frustrated that school administrators are allowing a group of Muslim students to go from classroom to classroom during school hours and interrupt teachers during the middle of lessons to indoctrinate students about Ramadan and Islamic beliefs.

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