Brexit Party surges in EU election, Tories and Labour lag badly

Brexit Party surges in EU election, Tories and Labour lag badly
Nigel Farage at CPAC in 2017. (Image: Screen grab of ACU video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Across Europe, the story was a surge by both populist parties and Greens, against sometime epic losses for socialists and the “center” right.  LePen and France and Salvini in Italy saw success similar to that of the Brexiteers in the UK.  One outlier: the legacy socialists made a comeback in Spain.]

Despite only being weeks old and largely without a policy portfolio, the Brexit party won almost a third of the vote, outstripping the UK’s two main parties — combined:

Britain’s newly-formed Brexit Party comfortably beat the country’s two main parties in European Parliamentary elections, early results showed Monday, as voters expressed their frustration over the Brexit deadlock. …

The U.K. participated in European Parliamentary elections on Thursday after failing to leave the EU at the end of March. The UK is electing 73 MEPs from across 12 regions and 10 have so far declared. The Brexit Party have 28 MEPs winning 32% of the vote and are largest party in 9 regions.


If so, it’s not the only massive message being sent in these EU elections. The centrist parties lost their combined control of the European Parliament across the EU, not just in the UK. Nationalist parties gained, but so did more radical environmentalist parties on the Left…

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