Much-hyped KKK rally in Ohio draws … 9

Much-hyped KKK rally in Ohio draws … 9
Yes, we count 8 in this screen grab too. All the on-site reporting says 9. Daily Mail video, YouTube

[Ed. – A reminder of the reality about this. And you know perfectly well why the media aren’t giving it bigger play. It doesn’t fit their narrative.]

[T]he permit for the rally estimated 10 to 20 Klan members would show up, and yet, in Trump’s AmeriKKKa, the racist assholes couldn’t even hit that modest figure.

But guess who did show up, and by the hundreds — those protesting the KKK: Black Panthers, Quakers, Christians, students, teachers. Yes, Americans of every imaginable race, creed, and color (some were armed — God bless America) gave up a Saturday afternoon to protest against nine idiots.

Wait… You mean to tell me that in the heart of “racist” Middle America they could only scrape up nine Klan members, but people from every walk of life came together by the hundreds to peacefully protest against the bigots … in a red state … that Trump easily won?

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