Tulsi Gabbard to lunch with fundraiser who’s a Pizzagate theorist and Las Vegas truther

Tulsi Gabbard to lunch with fundraiser who’s a Pizzagate theorist and Las Vegas truther
Tulsi Gabbard (Image: YouTube screen grab via Fox News)

[Ed. – Gabbard is really hard to figure. She’s a Democrat with a basically intangible agenda.  David Duke has tweeted support for her.  This guy House sounds certifiable.  She seems to have a startling number of donors for someone with such a bizarre profile.  She’s like a magnet for head cases.]

Niko House, who won the [Gabbard] campaign’s donor challenge by attracting 716 new contributors, “will get an opportunity to have lunch with Tulsi,” Pomerantz said.


An Army veteran who studied at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, he first made a name for himself online as the founder of “Carolina Students for Bernie Sanders,” and later alleged that the Vermont senator’s campaign in the Tar Heel State was derailed from within by a sleeper cell of Hillary Clinton supporters, who blocked him from revealing their internal sabotage. …

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Bill Cosby, he has claimed, was probably framed for serial rape after a failed bid to purchase NBC. … He declared it “confirmed” that a murdered DNC staffer [Seth Rich], not Russia, was the source for the hacked Democratic emails in 2016. …

“If you don’t think that the Vegas shooting is somehow connected to Harvey Weinstein, even if it’s only as another distraction, then you got to be — I don’t know what you’re looking at,” House said in a 2017 video.

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