Impeaching Trump is risky. So is refusing to.

Impeaching Trump is risky. So is refusing to.
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[Ed. – Goldberg has made up her mind in the absence of any evidence that the president is guilty.]

…[E]ven as a growing number of Democratic lawmakers are calling for an impeachment inquiry, Pelosi insists that the time has not yet come for such a serious step. …

This position is increasingly incoherent. If Trump’s outrageous misdeeds are visible for all to see — and they are — you don’t need further investigation to justify beginning an inquiry into whether impeachment is justified. Pelosi has suggested that impeachment will distract from the affirmative Democratic agenda, but the Republican-controlled Senate is no more going to pass progressive legislation than it will vote to remove Trump. And now the president has ruled out action on bipartisan initiatives like infrastructure investment, essentially refusing to fulfill his constitutional responsibilities whether he’s impeached or not.

Given all this, some of the public arguments leading Democrats are making against impeachment have the slickly disingenuous feel of slogans crafted by political consultants. “Political calculation has nothing to do with the manner in which we are proceeding,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and a key Pelosi ally, told me at the Center for American Progress conference. …

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