They’re back: Bureau concerned U.S. 2020 Census could be hacked, by Russia

They’re back: Bureau concerned U.S. 2020 Census could be hacked, by Russia

[Ed. – Presumably the point is that Russians could hack in and mess up the data stores, although that’s not entirely clear.  It’s not a non-issue; mere allegations about Russian hacking would be used by Democrats to generate political hysteria. The obvious solution is to rigorously sequester the data repositories from the Internet, and feed data for public availability online via air gap.  That doesn’t cover everything, but it does cover Ivan Trollsky in the windowless FSB cave in Moscow.  I like the idea of going back to Census-takers on foot filling out big log books by hand, myself.]

Just when you thought you were free of Russian meddling, they pull you back in.

Officials at the U.S. Census Bureau say they are concerned with the distinct possibilities of Russian interests hacking into the government’s census operations next year, much as they did during the 2016 election cycle. …

Abowd said government security and information officers do meet regularly to examine potential threats and ways to detect and defend against them.

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He said the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has a team of about 20 focused on system security and gaming possible attempts to infiltrate it electronically.

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