France: Explosion in Lyon confirmed as ‘attack’; 8 injured

France: Explosion in Lyon confirmed as ‘attack’; 8 injured
Lyon, France, aftermath of a parcel-bomb explosion on 24 May 2019. Fox News video, YouTube

[Ed. – Nothing seen on claims of responsibility.  On the face of it, looks more like an al Qaeda or similar affiliate rather than ISIS.  Sounds like a nasty bomb that could have done a lot more damage.]

At least eight are reported injured after a blast ripped through a street in Lyon, France Friday afternoon. French President Emmanuel Macron has called the incident an “attack”.

The suspected parcel bomb detonated on Victor-Hugo Road in Lyon, south-east France around 1730 eastern Europe time (1130 ET) and is reported to have been a package stuffed with “nails, screws, bolts”. The eight injured, which includes an eight-year-old girl, are reported to have sustained light injuries.

Lyon newspaper Le Progress reports French President Emmanuel Macron, who spoke of an attack about the explosion, remarking; “There was an attack in Lyon… there are no fatalities. There are wounded, so I obviously want to have a thought for the wounded, their families.”

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