Buttigieg: Christianity has extremist factions, just like Islam

Buttigieg: Christianity has extremist factions, just like Islam
Pete Buttigieg (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – This ought to bump up his poll numbers.]

H[ugh] H[ewitt]: Do you find Iranians’ variant of Shia extremism to be more dangerous to the world than the Sunni variant that we see in the Taliban and perhaps in Hamas and some of the more radical elements of Wahhabism?

P[ete] [Buttigieg]: Well, you know, not unlike Christianity when it is motivating someone to do something extreme. It can have a thousand different flavors. The real question is what’s going on with the regime, the government, that’s given the power and the apparatus of the state and intelligence service and a military, and what do they do with their ideology? Iran, I think, is a little more complex than the Saudi picture, because I think there’s, frankly, a less unified regime, not that the Saudi regime is homogenous, either. But you look at Iran and the dynamic that’s gone over the years between those who have the most fidelity to the revolution, and those who really want to see change, the moderates.

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