Don’t miss the emphasis in AG Barr putting Obama’s ‘intel’ bosses on notice

Don’t miss the emphasis in AG Barr putting Obama’s ‘intel’ bosses on notice
The brain trust, briefing Congress in 2014. (Image: Defense Intelligence Agency)

[Ed. – A good opinion piece – which I would naturally be inclined to think, since it reiterates points I have made a number of times. The counter-Russiagate probe needs to look beyond the FBI.  It needs to look at the intelligence agencies.  And Barr appears to be ensuring that it will. – J.E.]

Barr has thrown punches that have left an interesting mix of characters with a standing eight count. Certain eyes around D.C. are a little glassy right now.

Barr’s words and actions are telling. First, he raised the concern that the Trump campaign was “spied” upon. …

The FBI is charged with acting under strict legal restrictions and court orders. Spying is not a term traditionally associated with those activities.

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But it also misses the point Barr appears to be making. The IC does spy; that’s what they do. Barr may have been referring less to the FBI and more to the IC’s possible murky involvement.

This seems to be validated by Barr’s second haymaker in as many weeks: his appointment of a surrogate investigator, U.S. Attorney John Durham. …

Through Durham, Barr can start dusting for fingerprints across the government, not just the FBI. The squirming has begun.

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