Dems clash in closed meeting, Pelosi’s leadership team revolts on impeachment

Dems clash in closed meeting, Pelosi’s leadership team revolts on impeachment
Nancy Pelosi: The mouse that roared? (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Another closed-door meeting is slated for Wednesday at 9 a.m. Going ahead with plans to impeach based on wholly on their dislike of the president is political suicide, especially with pressure to move forward coming from shrill voices like that of Maxine Waters.]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is once again struggling to maintain control over her new majority’s caucus — even battling dissension among her own leadership team.  Pelosi has already faced multiple rank-and-file insurrections on GOP-led motions to recommit, caved to pressure and lost a battle over condemning a freshman member’s anti-Semitism, decided to ignore her chamber’s budgeting requirements in order to sidestep endless intra-party spending battles, and recently watched as her party was forced to shelve (since revived) DREAM Act legislation due to internal squabbling over extending amnesty to people with criminal records.  Her latest headache is on impeachment, which she’s opposed for months on tactical grounds.

Her rhetorical fence-straddling has been awkward and strained at times (what does this mean?), and now it appears as though there’s a growing chance that her delicate balancing act could be heading toward a breaking point (see update).  In a closed-door meeting yesterday, top House Democrats reportedly clashed over the issue of pursuing impeachment against President Trump.  Though Pelosi did not abandon her opposition to the idea, her stance came under siege from some typical allies. …

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