Cannes poster features First Lady holding Donald Trump’s severed head

Cannes poster features First Lady holding Donald Trump’s severed head
Image: Coffin Creek Productions/IMDB

[Ed. – The same liberals who have no problem with this were utterly shocked by this political cartoon mocking the Obamas.]

A movie up for sale at the Cannes Film Festival’s Market features a poster that shows Melania Trump carrying Donald Trump’s severed head.

It’s a real movie titled When Women Rule the World and it stars a Melania Trump lookalike who plays a character in the movie named Maria Putin (har har).

The poster’s tagline reads, “Meet the first lady of the future with her heads of state!”

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In one hand, Maria Putin carries what looks like a zombie head; in the other, she cradles President Trump’s head complete with his Make America Great Again hat.

Naturally, the leftist Hollywood Reporter (THR) is thrilled over this and selling its Obama-loving soul to convince us an obvious piece of low-rent garbage is actually serious and important satire.

Watch the trailer and then read THR’s propagandist attempt to convince a buyer at Cannes to pick it up. …

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