Trans dads tell doctors: ‘You can be a man and have a baby’

Trans dads tell doctors: ‘You can be a man and have a baby’

[Ed. – No medical mystery here — and no myth. If a man who think he’s a woman and a woman who thinks she’s a man copulate, chances are that the woman will become pregnant. The part about ‘early menopause, which the doctor said was ‘likely,’ was clearly a mistake.]

When Jay Thomas, 33, decided he wanted to get pregnant in 2016, he spoke to his physician.

Thomas, a cook who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, explained to his doctor that he and his wife, Jamie Brewster, 33, a bank employee, are both transgender, and that he had been on testosterone for more than two years. The physician said Thomas had likely gone through early menopause, and that if they were able to conceive at all, he would have to go off the hormone for at least 18 months.

But none of that turned out to be true, according to Thomas, who gave birth to the couple’s son Dorian, 2, less than a year after that doctor’s appointment.

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“We got pregnant in three months,” Thomas said.

One of the most persistent myths transgender men and nonbinary people hear from doctors is that testosterone has sterilized them, experts say. While testosterone does block ovulation, trans men can get pregnant if they are not taking it regularly.

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