New plan for migrant overflow: Move them to Florida

New plan for migrant overflow: Move them to Florida
200 migrants released at El Paso bus station Dec 2018. KTSM 9 News video, YouTube

[Ed. – In 2013 Obama was moving migrants around the country and you couldn’t get the media to cover it.  Meanwhile, the problem remains the same: the bottleneck created by the Flores limitations on processing, which the Democrats have been anxious to keep in place for 20 years.  Republicans are complicit because they haven’t done anything when they controlled both houses of Congress and the Oval Office.  Note on the current case: there’s much in the point that the Florida counties have Border Patrol stations, but don’t have a land-crossing migrant problem to compete for their work time, as the four southern-border states do.]

The Trump administration is preparing to send a thousand migrants to southern Florida each month in order to relieve the overcrowded and unsustainable conditions on the U.S.- Mexico border. While Customs and Border Protection have not publicly said what the plan entails, community leaders sounded the alarm Thursday. Law enforcement in the designated areas has been informed that the detainees will begin to arrive in the next two weeks. …

They will be moved from the El Paso area, a destination for a large number of illegal migrants in recent months … Officials in El Paso have cried “No mas!” …

Local officials have been told to expect 135 asylum seekers twice a week for the foreseeable future, divided between Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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