Seth Meyers, useful idiot

Seth Meyers, useful idiot
Rashida Tlaib, Seth Myers (Image: Screen grab via the Federalist)

[Ed. – Although Myers doesn’t identify as a Jew despite having a Jewish grandfather, his wife is Jewish and the pair named their first child after her grandparents, who were Holocaust survivors.]

After listening to Seth Meyers run interference for Rep. Ilhan Omar last week, an exasperated Meghan McCain asked him: “Are you her publicist? Are you her press person?” Perhaps the more pertinent question is, who else do you represent?

Because on the same day Rep. Rashida Tlaib was complaining (via her 500,000-follower Twitter account) that powerful forces were “trying to silence” her, the freshman representative also appeared on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Tlaib’s presence on “Late Night” is unsurprising, as the show has become something of a safe haven for unaccomplished freshman reps with very specific opinions about a certain ethnicity. The fact that Meyers, like most of his colleagues, shills for Democrats isn’t particularly noteworthy. What is notable, however, is that the comedian provides someone like Tlaib with a giant platform to spread a despicable historical lie.

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