Resistance isn’t futile: What happened after I asked Sarah Sanders to leave my restaurant

Resistance isn’t futile: What happened after I asked Sarah Sanders to leave my restaurant

[Ed. – Question: if it’s bad for people to retaliate as they did after Wilkinson kicked Sanders out of the Red Hen, why is it good for people to do the same things when a pizza parlor declines to cater a same-sex wedding?  Note, in any case, that the “critics” of the Red Hen gave up without killing the business.  Leftists attacking businesses are never satisfied until they have closed the business down permanently and robbed the owner of all his or her savings.  That said, it’s good to know resistance isn’t futile.  People fighting for freedom of conscience will take heart from that.]

I’ve been getting hate mail for almost a year now, ever since I asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to leave my Lexington, Va., restaurant, the Red Hen, last June.

At the time, the country was in turmoil over the Trump administration’s heinous practice of separating children from their parents at our southern border. In our tiny 26-seat restaurant, the horror felt simultaneously immediate and far away.


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Within 24 hours, the restaurant’s phone line was hacked, my staff and I were doxxed, and threats to our lives and families and property were pouring in through every available channel. Protesters colonized the streets around the restaurant. Thousands of fake Yelp reviews torpedoed our ratings, and dozens of people attempted to lock up our tables with reservations they had no intention of honoring.

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