Why did the anti-Trump conspirators throw their lives away?

Why did the anti-Trump conspirators throw their lives away?
The brain trust, briefing Congress in 2014. (Image: Defense Intelligence Agency)

[Ed. – This gets at a related aspect of what I’ve been asking for so many months.  What motive could have been sufficient to drive so many people to do so much they can never recover from, if they’re found out?  It’s not about the Hillary cover-up.  Those who still think it is haven’t thought it through.  To survive those exposures, you identify scapegoats and do some amputations.  You don’t keep doubling down.  Yet they kept doubling down — and the Democrats in Congress as well as the media continue to do so even now.  It’s something bigger than the past.  They’re fighting tooth and nail for something they still haven’t lost.  William Marshall brings in a useful discussion of Diana West’s work in The Red Thread, and while I’m not ultimately convinced that that’s the central thread of the explanation, it could certainly play a prominent part.]

I wrote in these pages two months ago that our country is facing the worst political crisis since at least the Civil War. …

[T]he question recurs frequently in my mind: Why would people who have reached the pinnacle of success personally, professionally, reputationally, and financially – at least as measured by most Americans’ metrics of success – be willing to throw all that away in order to ensure that a person they personally did not like was not elected president?

A fascinating new book called The Red Thread, by Diana West, a leading expert on the history of American communism, offers some intriguing insights into the anti-Trump conspiracy and suggests a possible answer. …

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Ms. West teases out other highly interesting, and disturbing, facts about many of the anti-Trump conspiracy players. But more importantly, she lays out a larger framework in which to view the philosophical drivers of many of the conspirators, who fall into the Marxist/globalist/collectivist political camp. This is in direct opposition to the capitalist/nationalist/individualistic political camp led by Donald Trump.

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