Teen who threatened 2018 school shooting received three-day suspension

Teen who threatened 2018 school shooting received three-day suspension
Darian Atkinson (Image: Harrison County Jail)

[Ed. – Considering he is accused of killing a police officer, perhaps his punishment was a tad light.]

The 19-year-old charged with murdering a Biloxi police officer has a past with a big red flag.

NBC 15 confirmed Tuesday that Darian Atkinson threatened to shoot up Biloxi High School last year right after the Parkland high school massacre.

The disturbing details came after locals put the pieces together when Atkinson was taken into custody Monday night.

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Atkinson smiled and laughed as he was escorted into Biloxi Police Headquarters Monday night.

The teenager is charged with capital murder in the death of Officer Robert McKeithen, a 24-year veteran of the force.

It wasn’t the first time violence had entered Atkinson’s mind, according to a Biloxi student’s godfather, James Colwell.

“He made the comment that ‘I think I’m going to shoot up this place, too.’ My godchild said ‘you shouldn’t say that,’ and he said ‘I think I’m going to start with you,'” explained Colwell.

Police confirm that was in 2018 at Biloxi High School, where Atkinson was a senior.

It was reported to school administration, and Atkinson was suspended.

“The only thing he received was a three-day suspension from school,” said Colwell.

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