NYT chutzpah: Unchecked ‘hate’ toward Omar ‘has American Muslims shuddering’

NYT chutzpah: Unchecked ‘hate’ toward Omar ‘has American Muslims shuddering’

[Ed. – Instead of shuddering, American Muslims need to understand the problem Omar and outfits like CAIR create for them. Americans as a whole don’t want to hear any ethnic group threatening to ‘raise hell’ and are tired of the lack of outrage, let alone silence, from American Muslims when acts of terrorism are carried out in the name of their religion.]

New York Times reporter John Eligon filed an aggrieved defense (disguised as a news story) of Rep. Ilhan Omar from Kansas City, who’s been widely accused of anti-Semitism: “American Muslims View Omar’s Controversies, and the Fallout, With Unease.” The online headline was even more slanted: “Unchecked ‘Hate’ Toward Rep. Ilhan Omar Has American Muslims Shuddering.”

Eligon previously went soft on the racist, sexist, conspiracist and vulgar Black Israelites, after the D.C. and NYC rabble-rousers made it into the news cycle after the verbal assaults on the Kentucky Catholic school teens during the infamous Lincoln Memorial saga.

Eligon piece on Omar for Friday’s edition was along the same rough lines of defending the indefensible:

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When Makkah Ali learned that Representative Ilhan Omar had been elected, she could not get enough of the good news — someone like her, a black Muslim woman, was going to Washington to represent Americans.

But just four months into Ms. Omar’s first term, that feeling of celebration has taken a sharp turn.

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