Voters’ capacity for being appalled by Trump is waning

Voters’ capacity for being appalled by Trump is waning

[Ed. – Though the writer’s intention is to warn the Democrats against overplaying their hand while giving Trump no quarter, ‘modern unshockability,’ as he puts it, did not begin with Trump. Barack Obama cruised to a second term in spite of ‘Fast and Furious,’ the IRA scandal, Benghazi, and his palettes of cash to Iran.]

… [I]f US President Donald Trump is not brought down for his alleged wrongdoing, it will not be because his inquisitor, Robert Mueller, lacked thoroughness or because his political enemy, the Democratic party, lacked nerve. It is because not quite enough voters minded quite enough. If they did, the pressure would tell on Democrats to seek his impeachment and on Republicans to at least consider voting for it, on pain of electoral rout. In the absence of such an incentive, it is only rational for them to demur.


The [Mueller] report does not say that Mr Trump colluded with Russia in his own election. But it does find that he instructed staff to lie. It finds that he dangled threats and favours before potential witnesses. That he seems likely to not just survive this news, but to remain eminently competitive at the 2020 election, suggests that he is not the story here. The story is modern unshockability.

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