A federal judge has defied the law to protect abortion

A federal judge has defied the law to protect abortion
World's largest gavel, outside courthouse in Columbus, Ohio

[Ed. – And yet it’s Democrats who whine continuously that Republicans have no regard for the law.]

Honestly, after two years of nationwide injunctions, ludicrously expanded standing rules, and blatant disregard for precedent, it’s become hard for the judicial #resistance to surprise. If there is a Trump regulation they can block — at least temporarily — they will do so, sound reasoning be damned. But even my cynical heart received a jolt at the sheer brazenness of Judge Stanley Bastian, from the Eastern District of Washington.

Yesterday he issued (yes, of course) a nationwide injunction blocking implementation of the Trump administration’s new Title X regulations — regulations that were a milder version of the Reagan administration’s so-called “gag rule” against abortion counseling by Title X recipients. Whereas the Reagan rule prohibited Title X projects from counseling or referring for abortion, the Trump rule limits the referral. Both the Trump and the Reagan rules required physical and financial separation of Title X projects from abortion-related activities.

But here’s what makes Judge Bastian’s decision so brazen. The stricter Reagan rules were upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in Rust v. Sullivan, one of the seminal abortion decisions of the Rehnquist Court.

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