Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from UN Arms Trade Treaty

Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from UN Arms Trade Treaty
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[Ed. – This is actual great news.  With this well-advised move, Trump is spiking the guns of Democratic candidates who would envision using the provisions of the treaty to curtail Americans’ 2A rights — even in the absence of concurrence by Congress. Democrats love the idea of treaties — including unratified treaties like this one — having the force of law for domestic purposes.  You can bet Kamala Harris, for one, has had a plan to base executive action implementing gun restrictions on the Arms Trade Treaty.]

President Trump announced Friday that his administration is withdrawing the U.S. signature from the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, in response to concerns from gun rights activists that it could impinge on Americans’ right to bear arms. …

Former President Barack Obama signed the treaty in 2013 and sent the treaty to the Senate for ratification. Onstage Friday, Trump signed a notice to the Senate asking it to stop the ratification process and return the treaty to the White House, “where I will dispose of it.” …

[W]hile supporters of the treaty have argued that it could not infringe on Second Amendment rights, the document had long been opposed by the NRA — who pointed to the treaty’s call for national recordkeeping and for governments to share those records, and claimed that the treaty meant that U.S. gun policy “could become the rest of the world’s business and subject to its approval, on pain of trade restrictions if it doesn’t meet ‘international norms.’”

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