While the Russians attacked, Trump looked the other way

While the Russians attacked, Trump looked the other way

[Ed. – The man who was actually President when the attack occurred is never mentioned in this amazing article. Note the huffing and puffing, though, about a President’s duty to ‘preserve, protect and defend the constitution.’ Did no editor even notice?]

In the face of an unprecedented attack on American democracy by a hostile foreign power, Donald Trump and those who worked for him both as a candidate and a president failed to defend the United States. For this alone, he is unfit to hold office.

That is the inevitable conclusion from the Mueller report’s account of how Trump and his campaign knew of, benefited from, welcomed and did nothing to stop the Russian assault.

This is not the aspect of the report that is most damaging to the president — that would be his multiple attempts to obstruct justice, efforts that would likely have led to his indictment were it not for the Department of Justice opinion saying sitting presidents should not be indicted.

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But Russia is what proves his unfitness to serve. Every president swears to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” And everyone who works for him swears to protect the Constitution “against all enemies foreign and domestic.” The Mueller report demonstrates that the president and his closest aides violated these fundamental duties imposed by their oaths of office.

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