In old tweet, Ilhan Omar implied U.S. committed terror attack in Battle of Mogadishu

In old tweet, Ilhan Omar implied U.S. committed terror attack in Battle of Mogadishu
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[Ed. – In all of this, there’s a tendency on both sides to leap to elliptical conclusions. The focus here should be on the point that Omar couldn’t distinguish between Somali militants fighting for the warlord Aidid — the “230” killed, in the tweet she endorsed — and the “thousands of Somalis” she mentioned, who were killed not by American troops but by Aidid’s terrorist militants.  Bottom line: U.S. forces did not kill “thousands of Somalis.” The Somali bad guy our soldiers were trying to protect Somalis from did that.  She doesn’t get a shrugging excuse here; she’s been put on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in spite of this gross display of ignorance and propaganda-toned illogic about foreign affairs and national security.]

What’s new for Ms. Omar? Oh, nothing other than rooting for the Somali forces of the late Warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid, who starved his own people, during the nation’s brutal civil war in the early 1990s. The U.S. sent an intervention force; we conducted a raid to nab his top lieutenants, which was popularized in the book and later its film adaptation “Black Hawk Down.” It led to a ferocious firefight that left 18 American soldiers dead. Who does Omar apparently root for in this case? Well, that would be Aidid’s forces, of course. …

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So, is she America’s most ungrateful immigrant? Remember, her family fled Somalia reportedly to escape this mess…and her take in this instance is to draw some equivalence between American forces and that of Aidid’s who were trying to kill our guys.

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