Christian leader launches campaign to oust ‘uneducated, anti-American’ Ilhan Omar

Christian leader launches campaign to oust ‘uneducated, anti-American’ Ilhan Omar
ilhan Omar, Laurie Cardoza-Moore (Images: YouTube screen grabs via BPR)

[Ed. – What are the chances the Left won’t vilify Cardoza-Moore as an ‘Islamophobe’?]

The president of an evangelical group has launched a massive campaign to get Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar removed from office, citing her “uneducated, anti-American” rhetoric and “holy war” on Jews.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore is the founder and president of an evangelical group called Proclaiming Justice. She’s also the host of a popular TV show called “Focus On Israel.”

Last week, Cardoza-Moore launched a petition on her website, demanding Omar’s immediate resignation, saying the anti-Semitic Muslim lawmaker has to go.

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“Ilhan Omar is waging an unholy war against the Jewish people from Congress. She is about to learn that the Jewish people don’t stand alone. Millions of people of faith and conscience stand with the Jewish people.

Ilhan Omar tricked her electorate into voting for her by lying about her support for Israel. She supports the destruction of the State of Israel and is a virulent anti-Semite with close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

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