Forget Trump: Here are five reasons why Obama should have been impeached

Forget Trump: Here are five reasons why Obama should have been impeached
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[Ed. – Maybe Americans are finally wising up to this: According to a new poll, he is considered the worst president since World War II.]

5. Illegally creating new laws and entering treaties

Obama’s dictatorial approach to governing would manifest itself many times during his presidency, and any one of them should have had Congress using their check on executive overreach, the power to impeach. … One such example is Obama’s unilateral writing of immigration law. It is quite clear that Congress has the power to write immigration law, but Obama decided that since Congress wouldn’t act (and by that, he meant to do exactly what he wanted) he’d simply create a law with his executive pen. …

4. Illegally rewriting existing laws

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The most notable example of Obama unilaterally changing existing law without the consent of Congress was Obamacare. … [B]y January 2016, there were at least 70 changes to Obamacare, and “at least 43 of the changes to the Affordable Care Act have been made unilaterally by the Obama administration.”…

3. The illegal war in Libya

Democrats often tried to paint the War in Iraq as an illegal war, despite the fact that Congress approved of it. … But, when Obama didn’t even go to Congress to start a war in Libya, you didn’t hear any such calls.

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