Incremental health-care reform a smarter bet for the GOP than Obamacare repeal

Incremental health-care reform a smarter bet for the GOP than Obamacare repeal
(Image: Fox News)

[Ed. – Getting serious about the issue that won Dems the House in 2018]

When congressional Republicans rebuffed President Trump’s renewed push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on April 2, Trump suggested a plan to pursue another repeal vote after his reelection in 2020. …

This continued focus on repealing Obamacare is a huge mistake for the GOP.

Obamacare repeal was deeply unpopular among voters and hurt Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections. Making it a top reelection priority would only bring the losing issue back into the spotlight. Instead, the GOP would be wise to counter the progressive push for Medicare for All with small, incremental reforms.

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To begin with, Medicare for All is only superficially popular. According to a Kaiser poll, 56 percent of the public supports and 42 percent are opposed. But when respondents learn about its downsides, support wanes rapidly: Only 37 percent support Medicare for All when told it would eliminate private insurance or raise their taxes, and only 26 percent support it when told it would lead to delays in medical treatment. (It would do all of these things and more.)

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