MSNBC falsely claims Fox News blamed Muslims for Notre Dame blaze

MSNBC falsely claims Fox News blamed Muslims for Notre Dame blaze
Image: YouTube screen grab

[Ed. – Why not flip over all the cards and claim that Fox set the fire?]

On MSNBC Tuesday afternoon, anchor Stephanie Ruhle and reporter Ben Collins falsely accused Fox News of promoting fake online claims that Islamic terrorism was responsible for the massive fire that consumed France’s Notre Dame cathedral on Monday.

“Now, I must turn to a disturbing, disturbing angle of the story we have been following out of Paris, where the famed Notre Dame church, cathedral was destroyed by the fire….if you thought the fire was the worst of the story, I want you to listen to this,” Ruhle proclaimed as the segment began. She noted how “online trolls edited images to push conspiracy theories” that the fire was an act of terrorism despite the cause still being under investigation by French authorities.

After Ruhle highlighted that “Twitter and YouTube are now taking serious heat for letting those doctored videos spread far and wide,” Collins explained: “So there’s a video on YouTube where they superimpose someone screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ over the video….We know that didn’t happen…”

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