Lawmakers wouldn’t back words with deeds on ‘climate change,’ now want courts to do it for them

Lawmakers wouldn’t back words with deeds on ‘climate change,’ now want courts to do it for them
Oil rigs off the California coast. KPBS video, YouTube

[Ed. – The district court judge pointed out that what the plaintiffs want to shake down the oil companies over hasn’t even happened. I.e., there has been no damage to seawalls and sewer systems. But the lawmakers are weighing in with other specious arguments, likely to carry as little weight in the appeal.]

Time is running out for Oakland and San Francisco politicians who are desperately trying to salvage their failing bid to grab billions of dollars from oil companies, including Exxon, Chevron, BP and Conoco Phillips. Their meritless lawsuit was dismissed and now their case hinges on an appeal. …

An amicus brief filed by senators Sheldon Whitehouse, Diane Feinstein, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie Hirono, Ed Markey and Kamala Harris argues that the defendants spend a lot of money lobbying Congress to oppose climate change regulation, both directly and through trade associations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Their brief reasons that the court should therefore not accept the defendants’ request to leave climate change to the political branches because defendants, apparently, have been successful with getting their way with the political branches.

The document also rails against energy CEOs flying to Davos on private jets despite the fact that their climate-hawk colleague Sen. Bernie Sanders spent $342,000 on private jet travel since the last presidential election. But the cherry on the hypocrisy cake has to go to Feinstein of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination debacle fame, the only amicus brief signatory who was in the Senate in 1997 when it voted 95-0 on a resolution against the international climate change treaty known as the Kyoto Protocol. Feinstein was one of only five senators who didn’t find the matter important enough to vote on it.

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