ICE’s use of national intelligence has civil libertarians concerned

ICE’s use of national intelligence has civil libertarians concerned
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[Ed. – The concern is not necessarily illegitimate; ICE may be getting intel that involves the blameless American contacts of people trying to game the border security and immigration systems. It would be encouraging, however, to see the civil libertarians care at least as much about the rights and privacy of, say, the Trump campaign staff. Note: nothing in the DHS letter indicates the use of Patriot Act Section 702 data. The critics are reading that possibility into it.]

David Glawe, DHS’ undersecretary for intelligence and analysis, wrote to Congress late last year. This letter, the contents of which have not been previously reported, sheds new light on ICE’s relationship with the 17 U.S. government organizations that collect and analyze intelligence, known collectively as the Intelligence Community or IC. But the letter also raises a host of questions.  …

Read literally—as these letters should be—Glawe’s letter says ICE has received “enhanced intelligence capabilities,” including collection. “Collection” refers to the process of gathering information and intelligence. …

So Glawe’s letter raises questions.

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“I’m curious about the phrases ‘fuses intelligence into operational functions’ and ‘activities to inform actions,’ which sound like there is some type of information sharing arrangement going on,” said Jake Laperruque, a lawyer for the Project on Government Oversight who focuses on privacy and surveillance. …

“The public should know far more about any ‘improved and enhanced’ intelligence capabilities DHS has developed,” said Patrick Toomey, a senior staff attorney on the ACLU’s National Security Project.

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