Has the DOJ closed its inquiry into dossier fabulist Christopher Steele?

Has the DOJ closed its inquiry into dossier fabulist Christopher Steele?
Christopher Steele. (Image: Screen grab of CBS video)

[Ed. – This entire fiasco needs to be scrutinized from head to foot.]

On Thursday, Rep. Devin Nunes reiterated his plans to refer eight individuals involved in targeting Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to Attorney General William Barr for a criminal investigation. But a close look at recent filings in the CNN Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the FBI suggests that the DOJ has already closed one criminal referral—likely the Grassley-Graham referral of dossier author Christopher Steele.

CNN filed its FOIA lawsuit against the FBI in May 2017, seeking “copies of all records of notes taken by or communications sent from FBI Director James Comey regarding or documenting interactions (including interviews and other conversations) with President Donald Trump.” These documents soon became known as the “Comey memos” after the former FBI director testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in early June 2017 that he had “drafted contemporaneous memoranda after various meetings and conversations with President Trump in which he discussed matters pertaining to the Russia investigation, among other things.”

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