Boston College student: Baby who survives abortion is not a baby

Boston College student: Baby who survives abortion is not a baby
Baby featured in the Agenda Project's pro-abortion ad (Image: Screen grad via LifeSite)

[Ed. – She sounds like a member of Willie Parker’s ministry.]

A pro-choice Boston College student said during a pro-life forum that a baby who survives an abortion should not receive medical care because it is not a baby.

Media Research Center (MRC) reported that Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins engaged recently in dialogue with two pro-choice students at an event sponsored by the Pro-Life Club of Boston College – a Catholic school:

Hawkins asked one student about her beliefs regarding immigrant babies:

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HAWKINS: Do you think that children that are apprehended at the border that are in U.S. government care … do you think babies who are going to die should be resuscitated and given care?


HAWKINS: Okay. Do you believe that a baby who is born alive during an abortion at Planned Parenthood should get care?


HAWKINS: So do you think it’s a baby?


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