Abortionist says he does abortions because he’s a ‘Christian,’ killing babies is a ‘ministry’

Abortionist says he does abortions because he’s a ‘Christian,’ killing babies is a ‘ministry’
Willie Parker (Image: Screen grab via LifeNews)

[Ed. – It is a ministry. Satan is in charge of it.]

The mainstream media tends to stereotype pro-lifers as conservative Christians and the right to life as a religious issue. While the pro-life movement has many Christians, it is growing increasingly diverse as more agnostics and atheists identify with the cause.

Meanwhile, some in the pro-abortion movement are claiming the label of Christian. One of the abortion advocates most vocal about it is Mississippi abortionist Willie Parker.

In a new interview with AlterNet, Parker talked about why he calls his abortion practice a “ministry” and how his spirituality motivated him to start doing abortions.

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According to the interview:

Trained as an ob-gyn, Parker did not perform abortions during his first 12 years of medical practice. But over and over he witnessed the suffering of low-income women, especially black women, forced to bear children when their own instincts told them that the time and circumstances weren’t right. Finally, Parker asked himself, If not me, then who? And so began the work Esquire magazine called The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker.

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