German parents fined for not sending child on school mosque trip

German parents fined for not sending child on school mosque trip
Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg, Germany. YouTube video

[Ed. – Note: the article elucidates this a bit: the monetary fine was for keeping the boy out of school the entire day, and not just for the mosque trip. That said, parents shouldn’t be faced with that decision anyway.  It’s extremely important to remember that the European culture is still in charge in Germany. The root problem here isn’t Muslims or Islam; it’s the disfigured political-correctness idea of the West that demands active participation in and affirmation of P.C. rituals, as evidence of social good faith.  Without Muslims and mosques in the picture, the Left would just be enforcing other things, such as mandatory submission to “trans” ideology indoctrination.]

The parents of a young boy have received a fine from a German court after they prevented their child from going to school to avoid a trip to a local mosque.

A district court Northern Germany fined the pair in July of last year but the parents of the child attempted to appeal the court ruling, only to have their appeal rejected by the Higher Regional Court in Schleswig this week, Hamburger Morgenpost reports.

The incident dates back to June of 2016 when the parents refused to let their son attend school for the day because the school had organised a field trip to the Rendsburg Mosque.

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