Central American migrants aren’t actually fleeing abject poverty

Central American migrants aren’t actually fleeing abject poverty
Migrants storm U.S. border from Tijuana, 25 Nov 2018. NBC 7 San Diego video

[Ed. – People have been noticing this for months.  Someone pointed out that a brand-name baby stroller being used by a migrant in Tijuana would cost over $200 in the States.  I have no doubt that some people are leaving Central America due to threats from gangs, but the current situation is far from spontaneous and un-manipulated.]

Some are obese, some have brand new clothes on, virtually all have expensive cell phones, and many go for brand-name traveling gear.  One other thing they would obviously have a lot of is money, to make a trip of this scale.  The very poor of countries such as Honduras (and certainly the overseas country nationals who may be joining them) do not have the means to migrate.

That calls to mind a great unexplored topic on the migration front: the fact that Central America’s countries are not all that poor, and, in fact, they’re in an economic boom time right now.

As I noted a few weeks ago in this piece on the rise in remittances to Central American countries:

The press is reporting that these places are economic disaster areas and the impoverished border-surgers’ choice to emigrate to the U.S. illegally can be only because they are escaping poverty. … The data show that border-surgers are actually fleeing booming economies, not Venezuelan-style hellholes, and are beefing their home countries’ economies up further with their surging remittances, signaling more to come.

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