Op-ed: Foreigners should get to vote in U.S. elections because of New Zealand

Op-ed: Foreigners should get to vote in U.S. elections because of New Zealand

[Ed. – Also climate change. But New Zealand seems to be main thing weighing on Ms. Michallon’s mind at the moment. If some Kiwi yob says Trump is a “symbol of white identity,” then French people should get to pick our presidents. Of course, this differs only in logistical arrangements from the preference of American leftists who want to flood the U.S. with illegals and have them vote.  Ms. Michallon’s solution would dispense with the mess and inconvenience of importing a lot of warm bodies, and just let the non-citizens vote from the comfort of their living rooms in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer or wherever.]

[S]houldn’t foreign countries have a right to vote in the US presidential election?

I know, I know. The idea sounds so absurd, so outrageous that it’s hard to know where to begin your rebuttal. I have floated it around, timidly, in bars and at various dinner parties over the years, and let me tell you – it’s hard to get people to agree with me. And I get it: it’s never been done. I will probably never be done. But last week, a terrorist killed 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The alleged gunman, who had referred to himself as a white nationalist, viewed Donald Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity”. So, yes, I think it’s high time to acknowledge the fact that what happens in the US has immense, tangible consequences on the rest of the world, and I am tired of crossing my fingers hoping that American voters will do the right thing.

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