Obama’s protective shield seems to be shattering

Obama’s protective shield seems to be shattering

[Ed. – Not the president liberals wanted to see perp-walked.]

Now that the whole Russia collusion thing against President Donald Trump has been proven a media-hyped fallacy, politically savvy eyes are turning toward former President Barack Obama and wondering: What about all that sneaky surveillance stuff? What about all that Team Obama titillation of flawed Trump-Russia insider information? What about FISA and Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele reports used to justify spying of Team Trump?

These are good questions. And they demand answers.

As Sen. Rand Paul put it, in a tweet: “Time to investigate the Obama officials who concocted and spread the Russian conspiracy hoax!”

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Since Trump’s not guilty on the colluding-with-Russia-to-steal-the-election-from-Hillary-Clinton front, and since that whole two-year, $25 million tax-paid investigation into Russia collusion was fueled largely by the narrative of the anti-Trumping left, it only makes sense to reel back and peel back the layers to see who all were the real Russia collusion drummers, what all, specifically, they’ve been drumming up these past years, and how all they’ve been able to drum it.

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