Desperate Brexit: Commons will try its hand at putting together a plan – without May

Desperate Brexit: Commons will try its hand at putting together a plan – without May
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[Ed. – This is going to be made into a movie someday. It’s hard to follow from a distance, but in its way, it is as big a drama of politics and representative government as the Russiagate saga in the United States.  This is an epic thing going on.  The crash-out date is 29 March, which is currently in abeyance but could be enforced if Parliament were to dissolve May’s government before then.]

In a late night vote in the House of Commons which could have far-reaching repercussions, MPs voted 329 to 302 — a majority of 27 — for a backbench plan leading to a series of “indicative votes” on alternative Brexit paths. In the process, what was left of Theresa May’s political authority was shredded as MPs chose to reject a personal plea by the prime minister to stop short of the drastic move. …

The success of Conservative MP Oliver Letwin’s amendment, which clears the way on Wednesday for MPs to bring forward their own Brexit motion and indicative votes, breaks the government’s grasp on the parliamentary timetable.  …

Precisely what the Commons will support remains unknown — the point of the exercise is to find out. …

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[S]uch is the breakdown of May’s authority this week, the government is no longer even pretending to be guiding events.

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