Border Patrol rescues double-amputee illegal alien from middle of Rio Grande

Border Patrol rescues double-amputee illegal alien from middle of Rio Grande
Univision's Jorge Ramos crosses the Lower Rio Grande in 2014, near the area where the first 2019 migrant caravan has arrived. Fusion video, YouTube

[Ed. – According to the Left, the Border Patrol are all murderers.]

Border Patrol agents had to rescue a double-amputee illegal immigrant in a wheelchair from an island in the middle of the Rio Grande this week, a day after pulling a deaf and dumb man from the water.

The rescues are part of a pattern of increasingly frail or ailing migrants attempting to sneak into the U.S., assisted by smuggling cartels eager to cash in on lax American enforcement policies.

In the case of the Guatemalan man in a wheelchair, he was spotted Wednesday by agents on a boat.

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When agents rescued him, the double-amputee made the stunning claim that he’d reached the island on his own, but was unable to finish the crossing.

Agents concluded he lacked permission to be in the U.S., then helped him reach the U.S. shore.

On Wednesday, agents nabbed a Honduran man crossing the Rio Grande who could neither hear nor speak. They said that made communications difficult.

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