Bill Maher questions whether Democrats put ‘too much trust’ in Mueller report

Bill Maher questions whether Democrats put ‘too much trust’ in Mueller report
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[Ed. – ‘I don’t need the Mueller report to know Donald Trump is a traitor.’ —Bill Maher]

HBO host Bill Maher questioned on Friday whether Democrats “put too much trust” in special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report.

“It finally happened. The Mueller report dropped today. We don’t know much … I must say, I don’t think it looks good,” Maher said on his show, lamenting that there were no indictments for the President Trump‘s son, Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and former Trump campaign informal adviser Roger Stone.

Maher then asked whether Democrats had focused too intently on Mueller’s investigation, saying that he believes Trump is a “traitor,” regardless of what Mueller’s investigation finds.

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“Did the Democrats put too much trust in the Mueller report?” Maher asked. “I don’t need the Mueller report to know he’s a traitor. I have a TV.”

Maher’s comments came hours after Mueller submitted his investigation’s final report Friday to Attorney General William Barr.

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