Jim Carrey’s latest ‘artwork’ mocks Kellyanne Conway’s appearance, marriage

Jim Carrey’s latest ‘artwork’ mocks Kellyanne Conway’s appearance, marriage
Jim Carrey (Image: ET video screen grab)

[Ed. – Not hard to imagine the Left calling for Carrey’s blood if his caricatures were of Democrats.]

He’s been relatively quiet lately but obsessive celebrity weirdo Jim Carrey couldn’t resist producing one of his bizarre and disturbing pictures to defend the abusive George Conway after he was blasted by President Trump.

The morbidly obese husband of Kellyanne Conway just can’t keep his mouth shut when it comes to trashing his spouse’s boss and the longer that it goes on, it increasingly gives some the impression that big fat George is jealous of his wife’s success.

One of those who pointed that out was Trump who took to his weaponized Twitter feed to blast his corpulent critic as a “stone cold LOSER & husband from hell!” following his latest disrespectful outburst.

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Which inspired the clearly troubled former star whose career isn’t what it used to be to put out this harrowing depiction of the Conways. …

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